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A Prayer for When You Feel Lonely

O God Who sees me,

Today, the loneliness I feel is like a wound that won’t quite heal. It is subtle, but the sting is great. Help me to not hide from my emotions, but lay them out before You.

Remind me that you are near-that you see my pain, even when I cannot feel you. Help me to simultaneously acknowledge my pain yet take comfort in your nearness.

Provide for me a safe space and person-one who will hear all of my doubts and struggles and will not judge me. Provide people in my life who will not place unrealistic expectations on me, but who will instead hold me in grace and truth.

If your provision must wait, remind me that You are my safest place. No one understands my loneliness better than You, who died alone on the cross to pay my debt, so that I could be Yours.

of Empathy, let me be satisfied in Your presence. Help me to rest in the knowledge that You are sitting with me in my loneliness.

Quiet my heart as I wait for you and help me to know you in a much deeper way as I struggle with this loneliness.



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