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Our Ministry With Cru


About Us

My husband Jeff and I have been on staff with Cru for over 15 years serving in the Triad, NC. Jeff has a civil engineering degree from NC State and April has a journalism degree from Appalachian State. We work with campuses such as UNCG, Wake Forest, NCA&T, High Point, and others.


We are excited to help facilitate the gospel taking root in people's lives through evangelism and discipleship. Our vision is to glorify God by creating spiritual movements on every part of campus so that every student and faculty in the Triad is exposed to the gospel and equipped to impact the world for Christ.

Why College Students?

We can help change the world tomorrow by influencing college students today…

Reason #1: Lost -- Students are ready to make up their minds about what they believe.
Reason #2: Needy -- Students are ready to grow in meaningful relationships.
Reason #3: Leaders -- Students are ready to shape the culture of the world around them.


Today's college students are and will be tomorrow's culture-changers. That is why we have been investing in college students for over 15 years. We believe college students will shape the future of our state, nation, and world.


It is likely that our future politicians, doctors, and lawyers are currently in the quad walking the campus of Wake Forest University. We believe future educators, entrepreneurs, nurses, and artists who will shape the culture are sitting in class at UNC Greensboro. Future engineers and scientists who will change the world we see and experience are eating lunch in the cafeteria of NC A&T.


Please Pray

As staff members with Cru (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ) since 2003, we have seen God heal broken hearts both here and overseas with His love and grace. We have seen students begin to consider Christ as truth and then accept Him with all their heart. Our desire is that through evangelism and discipleship God will continue to use us to show students the truth of Christ and encourage them to live a passionate and authentic life for Him. But our objective is nothing short of changing the spiritual climate of our state, our country, and our world. In 20 years, we expect to see students on whom we have had influence leading their families and our communities, businesses, and world in ways that honor the name of Christ. We expect to see students from the Triad going to the world to share the Gospel and take the peace of Christ to every corner of the globe. We refuse to shy away from that immensity of the Great Commission, because God has overcome the world (John 16:33).

Please pray for our marriage and our family; that we would love the Lord and each other well and trust in God’s goodness as our family grows. Please pray for God's Spirit to permeate the campuses of the Triad. Pray that the light of the Gospel would shine in this often dark and cold spiritual climate. Ask God to bring future leaders to Himself for His glory. Pray that God would provide for us so that we might continue giving our lives in His great commission.

Please Give

We spend our days launching and building movements with these future world-changers, joining them on their spiritual journeys and pointing them toward Jesus Christ. But we can't do it alone.  So we ask others to partner with us in our movements of evangelism and discipleship. We also need partners like you to pray and give financially to this vital work.

Like many other mission organizations, we depend upon the consistent financial support of individuals and churches. Your contribution makes the difference for us and for the students we serve. Your help is needed and appreciated.


If you would like to partner with us in ministry, please visit out contribution page by clicking the button below.




As a team, we can help find lost students and connect them to Jesus!

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