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A Prayer for the Doubters

You are the God of the Universe-Great in all of your ways. You reveal yourself in the mountains and the valleys, in the trees and the seasons, in the songs on our lips.

Yet, we are the doubters we confess. We question; we fear; we are full of skepticism. Sometimes our faith is hanging by the last strand of its last thread.

Still you sustain us. You strengthen that last strand and weave newer, stronger ones in our waiting.

Your mercy is extravagant and your love for us is steadfast. You will let nothing in all of creation-even ourselves- to separate us from your love.

You do not require mind-blowing faith. A mustard seed is all you bid to grow a large tree, which bears fruit in Winter and in Spring. Thank you for your great mercy.

Lord, help our unbelief. In your mercy, let our doubt not be in vain. Let it lead us to stronger faith in you. When we question, let us be satisfied with your answer. Let us be satisfied by your character when there are no answers.

Remind us that questions are not lack of faith, but a search for a deeper faith. Let us not keep our questioning and doubts to ourselves, as isolation breeds lies. Help us to lay them raw at your feet. You are big enough to handle any question.

Provide us with a community with whom we can wrestle with the gray areas and murky waters.

Sustain us and strengthen us when the questions become too dark and the fear too overwhelming. Lift our heavy burden and give us peace.

Let every question mark bring your glory. Sustain us through the wrestle. Though we emerge bruised, we emerge with a greater understanding of who you are, the greatest knowledge to behold. Thank you for wrestling us, not to fight us, but to calm our anxious hearts. Let us see your open arms and rest in your embrace.



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