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A Prayer for Bible Study

The following is a prayer I wrote based on the things I pray for each time I study the Bible. Feel free to use it for your personal use.

Precious Lord,

We come to you today with humble hearts. We long to know you more, but the pressures of the world and our own flesh keep us from your Word. We fear legalism, so we give discipline away. Let our actions not be rooted in fear, but in love for you. Motivate us to study your Word, not out of legalism, but out of a deep love for you and a desire to know you more. When that desire is not present, work in us anyway and place it in our hearts.

Your knowledge is infinite and ours is limited. Let us lean not on our own understanding of Your Word. Help us instead to lean on you-to trust that you are at work and you will reveal truth to us. Oh Holy Spirit, who knows the depths of the Triune God’s thoughts, help us to understand Your Word. Interpret the spiritual things of the Bible to our hearts and minds. Teach us. Develop in us the mind of Christ that we’ve already been given through his death and resurrection.

Protect us from error. Reveal to us when we are trusting ourselves and reading from our own cultural lens. Help us to be willing to be wrong and change our minds. Open our hearts to allow your Truth to change us.

Your Word is beautiful and sharper than a double-edged sword. Let us not take it for granted.

Let us not read and forget, but remember your Word and live by it.

Thank you for this wondrous gift-Your Words and Your Truth put into a way we can read directly and understand. You are good and Your Word is good. Let it change us today.

Scripture this prayer is based on:


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