DIY Jewelry Organizer

February 10, 2017

 My jewelry organizer gives me joy every time I catch a glimpse of it. I know that sounds weird, but I made it with me own hands and it was my first project using my power drill.


Here is how I did it:


Materials and Tools

24" x 6" Wood Plaque (I bought mine at Hobby Lobby)

9 drawer knobs (also purchased at Hobby Lobby)

Espresso acrylic paint

chalk paint in any color you want

paper towel

Drill and drill bit

Picture hanger

pencil and ruler



First, I measured out with a ruler where I wanted each knob placed and marked it with a pencil. Because some of my knobs were not normal, round knobs, I started  in the middle with the awkward bird knob, so I could space the knobs evenly. 


 Next, I drilled each hole where I marked with a pencil. Most of my knob screws were the same size, but I started out with smaller bits first-you can always make bigger hole, but you can't make a smaller one! Also, I recommend placing a small scrap board underneath while you drill, so you do not accidentally drill a hole into your table. I used a scrap piece of mdf board.

I also screwed in the picture hangers on the back before I painted. You can do this after you paint too, but I think it is easier to do it before you put in all the knobs. Make sure you get them as centered as possible between the top and the bottom. I made the mistake of placing them at the very top. I had to redo them because when I hung it, the whole plaque leaned upward, instead of hanging straight.


Next, I painted the plaque with espresso brown and let it dry. It took two coats for full coverage.


Then, I painted over the espresso with two coats of green chalk paint. I used chalk paint because I find it much easier to create a distressed look with chalk paint. After the last coat dried, I distressed it.


To distress it, I simply took a wet paper towel and rubbed the areas I wanted distressed. This is what it looks like close-up after it is finished.



I chose not to put a sealer on top, but you can do it if you want.


Last, I screwed in all the knobs.




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