Handmade Aquarium Ornament

December 22, 2016


Every year for Christmas, I make a handmade ornament for each one of my children. I began this tradition because creating gives me life and because I thought it was a sweet way to preserve and pass on special memories to them when they are eventually adults.


Last year, I made an aquarium ornament for Cupcake because she LOVES fish and visiting aquariums.


Here is how you can make your own:



- Clear Glass Ornament (found at most Craft Stores)


- blue stones/beads (I used a mixture of what I had on hand, but you can find blue stones at craft stores too and sometimes at the Dollar Tree).


- mini shells


- floral stems that look like coral (I found these at Michael's in the Christmas section.)


- small fish jewlery charms


-anything else with which you want to fill the ornament (the crab is a 3d sticker I happened to have in my stash).



a pair of small tweezers



- Carefully Remove the silver top from the ornament


- Fill the ornament with stone/bead filling and shells.


-Stick in any other fillings you want (coral, crab, etc)- you can arrange them inside with the tweezers.


-Attach the fish to the silver top: thread the bottom of the top's silver clip through the fish charm and use the tweezers to bend the end and secure the charm. Do this for both fish. Slip the fish inside the ornament one at a time and secure the top back onto the ornament.



What are some of your favorite Christmas traditions?



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