For Those Doing the Hard Work of Sowing

October 4, 2016



To the moms and dads on their knees everyday: God sees you, pleading for your infant’s salvation at the earliest possible age, endlessly wiping noses and butts, singing over your tiny blessing in the wee hours of the morning through bleary eyes and with weary hearts. He sees you. You are doing the hard work of sowing.


To the parents wrangling toddlers: God sees you, wearily lamenting that you don’t have the time or energy you need to pour prayers over your little ones. He sees you crying out to him in moments of frustration and need, whispering short invocations in the rare, quiet moments of rest. He sees you. You are doing the hard work of sowing.



To the moms and dads of young children: God sees you, praying over them, answering their endless questions, trying to hold on a little longer while they pull toward independence. He sees you simultaneously weep and rejoice that they are becoming their own person, praying that they make good choices and grow to love Truth. He sees you. You are doing the hard work of sowing.

To the parents of teenagers: God sees you, wearing out your knees in petition, worrying, trusting, and praying they make wise decisions and follow Him. He sees you pleading for their protection, realizing you were never in control. He sees you rejoicing in their emerging adulthood and mourning over the tension of letting go. He sees you. You are doing the hard work of sowing.


To the mothers and fathers weeping for their prodigal children: God sees you, pleading for their return home, mulling over where you possibly went wrong (you probably didn’t), and crying out in anguish and tears for their salvation. He sees you. You are doing the hard work of sowing.


To the grandparents on their knees: God sees you, hoping your grandchildren and adult children are doing what’s best, praying they are obeying God’s will, praying they are walking with God. He sees you. You are doing the hard work of sowing.




Your prayers may sometimes feel in vain, but they are not. You are offering them to a God who hears and sees: a God who is at work, even when we can’t hear or see.


I’ve been in college ministry for 13 years. I come in for a few short years, take your children under my wing, and often reap what’s already been labored for.


You are doing the hard work of sowing. I simply enter in and reap.


And yet, we can all rejoice together because a soul is changed and that is no small thing. Our sovereign, powerful, loving God is the One who holds our work in His hands. Whether we are doing the long, hard labor of sowing or the shorter, difficult work of reaping, we are in His hands.

What a beautiful design God created to involve us in the continual ushering in of His Kingdom!


Over the past month, our team has seen 15 students surrender their lives to the Lord. I whole-heartedly believe they had been saturated in prayer, plead for, and loved by someone who loves the Lord and them. Someone did the hard work of sowing. God saw them and He answered their prayers.




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