How To Make Fabric Pom Pom Flowers

August 3, 2016

 Fabric scraps go a long way in creating lovely, inexpensive decor that makes your soul leap for joy. It may sound silly, but that's what my fabric flower garland does to my soul every time I look at it.

After scouring the internet for tutorials, I found several of different variations-I meshed a few techniques together to find a way that worked quickest and easiest for me. I had to figure out some stuff on my own. I am not good at following directions :-) So, I am including a tutorial here of how I did it in hopes that someone will find it helpful among the myriad of tutorials!



Step 1: Cut out 10 circles for one flower. My circles were 1.5" in diameter. I found something that size and traced it (a mini paint bucket favor to be precise.)

Step 2: Fold one circle in half with the right side of the fabric on the outside.

Step 3: Fold left side of the half-circle to the back and the right side to the front, making a little "pie wedge."

Step 4: Secure bottom small tip with thread and needle. I recommend doubling the thread and knotting it on the end to secure. Do this to each circle and stitch them together, one after the other (like stringing beads).

Step 5: When all the circles are stitched together, make a final tight stitch by looping the needle from the front pie-shape to the back pie-shape, pulling the stitch back to the front through all 10 pie-wedges. I did this twice to secure it.

Step 6: Cut thread. This photo is what it will look like.

Step 7: Fluff out the pom pom by going through and pulling each circle apart. They will bounce back some, which is what they are supposed to do-this will create the pom pom shape.

Step 8: Stand back and admire your pretty pom pom flower.


To make these into a garland, I simply hot-glued the flowers onto jute at the middle of each flower. 

These little beauties are so fun and easy to make. They are quick to make too.  (I made mine while watching an hour-long TV show).


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