Why Creativity?

July 7, 2016


Some of you may be asking why I include blog posts about crafts and creative endeavors. What do these things have to do with God and finding the extra in the ordinary?  


I believe God created all of us to be creative in some capacity. For me, part of finding the extra in the ordinary means creating something beautiful from something plain. I want to encourage you to find inspiration and soul-rest in your God-given creativity. I do this by sharing things I’ve created and ideas and inspirations for your own creation and creative development.


God is a creator and I’m convinced that He has made all of us to be creators too. Better writers have gone before me and written whole books on this subject (Check out Emily Freeman’s A Million Little Ways and Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert).


Creativity is about finding beauty in the commonplace. It’s about taking something ordinary and plain and making it beautiful and/or meaningful. It’s a beautifully accurate picture of how God works in our lives to change us.



We can find soul-rest in creativity because when we create, we are doing what we were made to do. God speaks through art. Art reaches the deep places of the soul that conversation and preaching often does not touch.


Creativity heals and brings people together. You may balk at the idea of community craft time, but such a time allowed me to naturally share the gospel with a friend. A simple craft during MOPS (Moms of Preschoolers) allowed my friend to finally mourn the loss of her miscarried baby, ushering in healing.


But , what if I’m not creative or “crafty?” Like I said, I believe everyone is creative in some capacity because God made the world for creativity. You don’t have to be crafty to be creative. (Full disclosure: I hate the word, “crafty.”)  I enjoy crafts and sharing them here as a means of creativity, but they’re not for everybody.


Not everybody can do all art well. Usually when we think of art, we think of the more common and difficult forms: painting, music, drawing, dance. I can’t even draw a stick person, but I can take raw materials and make something beautiful from them. It’s much easier then drawing for me, but it doesn’t mean I’m less creative.



If you’re still not convinced, I highly recommend you read the books mentioned above and download Emily Freeman’s free art course. It will help you answer that daunting question: am I really creative and do I have anything to offer?


You do. Now, let’s discover the art that lies within our ordinary lives.


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Welcome! I'm April, a writer, wife, mama, missionary, and lover of all things creative. I'm a woman in process who loves to help others walk closely with Jesus when the grind of the ordinary weighs on your soul.

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