• April Knapp

What I Learned This Spring

Spring came in like a Lion and went out like a blazing ball of fire (because it's HOT and HUMID here in North Carolina.) Technically, it's still Spring, but because it feels like Summer, I am calling it so.

Today I am joining my friend Emily Freeman to share what I learned this Spring. We were made to be learners, so here is what I learned:

North America has the LEAST number of Christians than any other continent.

I knew Christianity was growing in other regions at a fast rate and declining here in North America, but I had no idea we had the least amount of professing Christians in the world. I'm going to chalk this lack of knowledge up to being an American-if we're honest, we tend to believe the world revolves around us.

This map comes from a book I am reading for my World Church History seminary class called "Global Gospel," by Douglas Jacobsen. What surprised me the most is that Europe has more professing Christians than we do. I was lead to believe that Europe is nearly an atheist region. I am also willing to bet that Asia makes up more than 15 percent of the world's Christians. Due to many countries in Asia persecuting Christians, I am sure many of them do not offer up the information that they are Christians.

Reading for this class has also led to my next revelation...

The Christians of Latin America and Africa are the fastest growing and have a high view of scripture.

This gives me great hope.

The Christians in this region do not politicize their beliefs nor do they define "fundamentalism" in the political way we've cheapened the definition here in America. The majority of Christians in these regions, across denominations, hold that the Bible is the infallible Word of God and interpret scripture conservatively. Even in the denominations that we'd consider liberal, the members of those denominations in these regions are incredulous over the interpretation of scripture by their American and European counterparts. They only see the Bible as divinely inspired and inerrant.

Chickens will eat their own eggs.

What?! I know, total change of subject. I can't remember where and why I read this, but I am sure it stemmed from me googling a question about chickens from my six-year-old. If chickens get hungry, they will eat their own (unfertilized) eggs. If your chicken gets a taste of the yolky goodness, they will continue to eat the eggs before you can scramble them for breakfast. There are a number of ways to break their habit. Google it if you have an egg-eating chicken problem.

Prince didn't change his name because he was eccentric.

I grew up believing Prince (the artist) changed his name to an unpronounceable symbol because he was weird. Come to find out, he did it to tick off his record company. Apparently, they bound him to a ridiculous contract, so to get out of the contract, he changed his name to the complicated symbol. I find that not weird, but hilarious.

Japan has an indigenous people called the Anyu.

The ethnic group we recognize as Japanese were not the original inhabitants of Japan! Just like Europeans colonized North America, so did other groups colonize Japan. The indigenous people are known as the Anyu and have some European features, such as blue eyes. The Anyu were mistreated and forced to assimilate. They were not recognized by Japan as an ethnic minority until 2008.

I'm looking forward to the Summer and a season of learning new things.


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