October Favorite Things

Song I am Listening To

If you don't know by now, I am a huge musical theater nerd. I am late to the Waitress game because 2016 was the year of amazing musicals and I was, of course, obsessed with Hamilton. Every musical nominated that year would have probably won best musical if they were not put up against Hamilton-that's how amazing 2016 was for musical theater.

Waitress was one of those musicals. It's a simple story about a woman in the deep south who is stuck in an abusive and loveless marriage. When she discovers she has an unwanted pregnancy, she decides to keep the baby and it completely changes her life. It's a slice of life story that is both heart-wrenchingly beautiful and full of hope.

The song I cannot get enough of is "She Used to Be Mine," a song about discovering that the life you have the person you've become is not what you wanted. It sounds depressing, but it is a turning point in the musical and a wonderfully moving song.

I recommend watching Sara Bareilles' and Jessie Mueller's performance of this song at the Tony's, but bring tissue. (Sara B. wrote all of the music and lyrics, in case you're wondering why she's there.)

Verse I'm Meditating On

"Joshua told the people, 'Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among you."

Joshua 3:5

I love Joshua's expectation here that the Lord would do amazing things (and he did!) The Lord promised to give Israel land and Joshua knew God would do it because God keeps his promises. It convicts me of how my expectations of God are often too little.

Nestfest and the Tiny Cozy Barn

If you live close enough to Charlotte, NC to drive and have not been to Nestfest yet, you are missing out! I love the Nester's gathering of artists, vintage sellers, authors, and musicians (and food trucks, yum!). It has already passed this year, but it is held every October.

This year, I got to check out Myquillyn's Tiny Cozy Barn (pictured above). She's taking it on tour to promote her new book, so check out the dates and places on her website.

Cru Winter Conference

OK, I am a little biased about this one because I am on staff with Cru and am part of the conference design team this year. But, it is my favorite conference we put on and this year, we are opening it up to EVERYONE and not just college students.

I also love that we host one in my city of Greensboro, but there are also conferences in Denver, Baltimore, Forth Worth, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, and San Francisco.

Winter Conference is a unique environment designed to help you move toward God, toward others, and toward a well-lived life.

Each city has a unique conference, but each features phenomenal teachers of the Bible, applicable seminars, mission opportunity break-outs, and experiences such as a prayer journey and an opportunity to pray in the New Year with prayer and worship.

To find a conference near you, visit the Cru Winter Conference website. If you have any questions about the Greensboro conference, feel free to contact me.

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