January Favorite Things

Once a month, I love to share my favorite things in order to connect with readers and promote the things I love. I hope you enjoy and please comment and let me know what some of your favorite things are right now.

Listening To

I've mentioned the album, Fortunate Fall by Audrey Assad in a part post. It' from 2013, but she is releasing a NEW album in February 23, 2018. Yea! Right now, I cannot get enough of a song off of Fortunate Fall called "You Speak." It is incredibly beautiful musically and lyrically. You can listen to it on Youtube here.

You liberate me From my own noise and my own chaos From the chains of a lesser law You set me free


Everyday Adventures


In North Carolina, this is a big deal (unless you live in the mountains where it snows all the time). We only get snow one or two times a year and it is usually not much. This time we received 10 inches!

Waking up to untouched, newly fallen snow is one of my favorite things in the world. I had a blast with my kids playing in the snow and sledding down the hill in our back yard. My favorite part, though, was the community. We recently bought our house last April. Before that, we lived in a condo where there were not many kids. Now, we have neighbors and the best hill on the street in our back yard! We welcomed kids from 3 to 13 and it was glorious.

Things I Created

I have been working on this hutch for six months and finally finished it!



This was my first furniture flip,so I'm pretty proud of it!

Others' Writings

"On Envy and the Search for Uncommon Beauty," by Kimberly Coyle

I found this piece convicting. We breed discontentment when we envy a former version of ourselves.

"The Universe Should Not Exist, Scientists Say" by Hannah Osborne for Newsweek

I love it when science points to a Creator!

"What To Do When You Turn Into Angry Mom Again," by Jill McCormick

Gulty. This is a great reminder and help for when we become angry mom.

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