Book Review: "The Next Right Thing, " by Emily Freeman

Are you weary from making decisions, big or small? Do you find yourself like a deer caught in headlights when faced with even a simple decision? Are you facing a big life decision and are unsure of where God is leading? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you need to pick up Emily Freeman’s new book, The Next Right Thing.

Normally, when I read books about decision making or any other life organization tip, I shut the book frazzled and more overwhelmed than when I started. However, The Next Right Thing was a breath of fresh air for my soul. That’s fitting since Emily’s goal is to “create space for your soul to breath so you can discern the next right thing.” She nails it.

The Next Right Thing is a quick read, but beautifully written in the stirring manner for which Emily is known. Each chapter contains a different principle for decision-making, a prayer surrounding that principle, and a simple, soulful practice to apply. I left each chapter feeling relieved and peaceful with the prayer and practice. They are really what set Emily’s book apart from other books about decision-making.

You will find helpful principles in The Next Right Thing, but you will not find a “how to” and “this works for everyone” step-by-step process. That’s what makes this book so encouraging and practical-it gives you realistic, gracious, and contemplative steps to create a lifetime of making good decisions..

Emily eloquently answers the question, “What if the way we make decisions is equally as important as the decisions me make?” This book is more about hearing God speak to your soul for a lifetime than about knowing the exact right answer to that next big decision. It works because life isn’t a 5-step process, but a journey.

I plan on buying this book and reading it with all of my graduating college seniors because I believe it really is a life-changing approach to decision-making.

You can pick up a copy of Emily’s book on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or anywhere else books are sold.

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