April Favorite Things

It's May 2, but I am still giving you a list of my favorite things for April! Better late than never.

Listening To

Audrey Assad


"Out past the fear, doubt becomes wonder"

Audrey wrote this album out of what she describes as a deconstruction and reconstruction of her faith. It contains thought-provoking lyrics of worship and doubt. Of course, her beautiful voice echoes the struggles of a questioning heart drawn to a magnificent God.

My favorite songs are:


How do I grieve what I can't let go? It's got a hold, it's got a hold on me...

How do I keep what I cannot find? I'm letting go, I'm letting go of You...

Jesus Christ, I don't know who I am. Am I a lost little lamb or a wolf in sheep's clothing?

Oh my God, I don't know what this was. Am I a child of Your love or just chaos unfolding?

"River" featuring Propaganda

Come join the mourners and God will weep with you.


In the ruins of my heart, You preach to the poor, turning over stones to show me there is more, more than all I ask, more than I'm looking for.

It is seriously SO GOOD. You won't regret listening.

Everyday Moment:

This is my sister's dog, Luna, being loved on constantly by my kids and nephew. She took it in stride. I love this picture because my daughter is usually terrified of dogs, but Luna won her over. Also, Luna and my son did not start off on the right foot. My normally dog-loving son, was scared by Luna's enthusiasm. She also chewed his beloved Froggie's arm off. But, he came through surgery with his arm reattached, so Bug forgot all about it.


Marvel's Black Panther

I've seen three movies this month, which is crazy for me. Black Panther was definitely my favorite. It has been very hyped up, but I think it lives up to the hype. It has a great commentary on our times with a compelling and interesting villain-and of course, awesome heroes and amazing women.


I've been able to create a lot lately, thankfully, but this wreath is my most recent favorite. I wrote about it here.

Other People's Creations

Dresser to Bench from Start a Home Decor

DIY Paper Wrapped Candles from Today's Creative Life

Free Printable: Vintage STyle Spring Stationary by Simply Kierste

Online Reads

"Extravagant Grace" by Jennifer Holmes

My friend Jennifer shares a beautiful story of being surrounded by God's grace after her husband's affair.

"I forget that to show extravagant grace, I have to be asking for it. Because extravagant grace is not something that we can ever do on our own."

"A Bridge to Span the Divide" by Christy Rood for Mudroom

Christy writes about loving those who disagree with you.

"When I stopped defining myself by my values and beliefs, but simply by my received identity as daughter of God, my protective shields crumbled."

My Confession: Toward a More Balanced Gospel by Paul David Tripp

One of my favorite writers confesses his blindspots.

'By God’s grace, I have become deeply persuaded that we cannot celebrate the gospel of God’s grace without being a committed ambassador of the gospel of his justice as well."

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