Advent Day 25: The Savior is Here

"For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord."

Luke 2:11

Oh glorious day! Our savior has come.

He was born to a humble carpenter's wife. He came for those whose hearts were open to him, regardless of status.

His birth was announced by glorious angels to dirty, disdained shepherds. He came for the lowliest souls who knew they needed cleansing. He came for the disenfranchised.

He came for the spiritually sick, the wrecked, the broken hearted, those weary from trying hard, and those distraught over their sin.

He finally came. The Messiah whom God promised to Abraham thousands of years before. He came right on time. He came to set us free from our sin. He came to make us righteous before the Lord because all of our good works were like filthy rags, tainted by sin.

He was born to die to make his enemies his children.

Oh merciful Savior, our hearts burst with gratitude for your undeserved love for us. We are amazed by how you worked out your plan, your perfect story of redemption. Come back quickly to make all things right. Help us in the wait to know you more deeply and to tell others of your glorious goodness. When the wait becomes weary, give us strength. For we know you are a God who keeps your promises. Amen.

For the last ornament, I wanted a star to represent the star that shone over the cave where Jesus was born. I saw a similar star ornament on pinterest and loved it. I used a small star charm which I hung from the tiny bottle cork with and eye hook and ribbon. Then, I filled the bottle with glitter and glued it shut

Merry Christmas!

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