Advent Day 2- Recreating Paradise

"In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth."

Genesis 1:1

When God created the earth, he did not hurry. He spoke light into existence. He attentively painted the sky, formed the dry ground in his hands, and gathered the seas. He carefully crafted the sun, the moon, and stars, creating our understanding of time. He planted the most luscious vegetation-trees full of sweet fruit and flowers in every color imaginable. He gently pieced together all kinds of animals into existence with amazing creativity (who else could create a narwhal, but an awesomely creative God?).

Then he created man and woman. He shaped our organs, constructed our bones, stitched together our skin. More importantly, he wove our souls into the image of him, the Almighty Triune God of the universe. We are his unique and extraordinary creation. No other being in the heavens, earth, or universe mirrors the image of God the way he created in us. No other created being can know him as intimately as we can.

God saw what he made and it was very good. It was paradise-a world of effortless perfection and bliss, a simple existence of knowing God, enjoying him, and multiplying on the earth.

The garden is a far cry from our current experience. Instead of paradise, we have pain. Instead of effortless perfection and bliss, we strive for what we cannot earn and our striving never ends. We are never satisfied. We suffer. Instead of knowing God, we run from him. Instead of enjoying God, we strive to please ourselves. Instead of multiplying, we murder.

But, this broken world is not the end. God has been at work mending the world from the day it broke. He is recreating paradise through Jesus. Knowing Jesus intimately is paradise in itself.

The account of the Creation against the backdrop of this broken world remind us of what we lost in the Garden and assure us that we gain so much more in Jesus.

I made this ornament using a story locket. I wanted to make an ornament that represented God's creation of the earth and people, so I shrunk down an image of a globe and placed it inside the locket. Then I placed two floating charms of a male and female inside.

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