Advent Day 14: The Light That Destroys all Darkness

"The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of deep darkness a light has dawned."

Isaiah 9:2

The prophecy about the Messiah in Isaiah 9 is unmistakingly about Jesus. Jesus is the great light that bursts forth and shatters the darkness. John 1 tells us that the darkness can never overcome the Light.

Before we know Christ, we are like the people described in Isaiah 8:22. We look to the earth for hope, but only find gloom, distress, and anguish. We live in utter darkness. We try to walk through the darkness, feeling around for anything we can touch-anything in which we can put our hope. All we find is disappointment and doom. Without the Light we cannot see. We have no hope.

When the Light breaks the darkness, our eyes are opened and our hearts are filled with hope. The Light destroys the darkness as an act of grace. Nothing about the darkness beckons the Light, except the need for salvation.

Isaiah continues to describe the character of the Light. He is what we have and what we have to look forward to in hope:

Wonderful Counselor:

He is wise in his plans. Nothing hits us before it passes through his hands. His plan for his kingdom is perfect.

Mighty God:

He is all-powerful and completely in control. He is on his throne even when the world seems like it is falling apart. When he returns, we will see him sitting on his throne and he will make all things right under his power.

Everlasting Father:

He is our nurturing protector. He loves us as his own because he has made us his own. His arms are safe and strong to run into and hide.

Prince of Peace:

His rule brings justice and peace to the universe. This means that when he returns, justice will be served, all things will be made right, and evil will be destroyed forever.

The Light isn't gone. He shines through those who love him and believe in him. He shines in his creation and in all things that are good. Let us not miss the Light this Christmas season. Let us not grow weary of waiting for the Light to shatter the darkness forever. Come quickly, Jesus.

When I think of light piercing the darkness, I think of a sunburst, so that is what I wanted for this ornament. I had a bunch of these tiny doilies in my craft stash and thought the yellow would be perfect for a sunburst. The background is scrapbook paper on a wooden tag.

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