Advent Day 10: The Law of Brokenness

“Oh that they had such a heart as this always, to fear me and to keep all my commandments, that it might go well with them and with their descendants forever!”

Deuteronomy 5:29

This verse is the longing of God’s heart: that we would always want to glorify him and obey him. It’s the cry of a broken heart because he knows we cannot.

God gave us the Law, knowing full well we could never keep it in our sinful flesh. It was never meant to be a means to righteousness. God gave us the Law to reveal to us our sin, our brokenness, and our need for a Savior. The Law shows us our utter hopelessness without Christ.

We had to know we were dead before we could accept the free gift of life. We had to know we were broken before we could accept the free gift of redemption.

For this ornament, I found two rounded, wooden tags and covered them with stone-looking paper. Then I printed out a section of the 10 commandments in Hebrew onto clear sticker paper and adhered them to the 'tablets." Finally, I glued them together.

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