How To Share Jesus Naturally: A Six-Part Series

What would it be like for you to find the extra in the ordinary by stepping out of your comfort zone, but in a way that is natural? What would it look like to see the people around you who don’t know Jesus; to really love them and share with them the amazing news of salvation?

I’m asking you because I’ve been asking myself this a lot lately.

Maybe you’ve been longing to find a way to tell others about Jesus. Maybe the thought terrifies you to your core.

The word “evangelism” sparks different reactions in all of us. It fills some of us with excitement and some of us with terror, and most of us with a little of both. As followers of Christ, we often really want to be a part of God’s work in other people’s hearts, but there are things that hold us back-bad experiences, busyness, fear of what people would think, fear of not having an answer.

What if we abandon those fears to Jesus and take small steps of faith?

Others ask me for tips on how to share Jesus with others naturally. It makes sense that others would ask me. I’ve been on staff with Cru, one of the largest missionary sending organizations in the world, for 14 years. I am an expert at sharing the gospel with college students. But, in all honesty, when a non-college student asks me this, I clam up. I struggle with how do to this in the everyday, mundane parts of my life.

Now that I’m a mom on staff, I spend less time with college students and more time in the mundane. I’ve spent more time wrapped up in my warm comfort zone and less time trusting God for hard things. I want that to change. If you want that to change for you, then please join me for this next series.

Over the next six weeks (on Tuesdays) I will be posting a series about How to Share Christ Naturally. As I’ve thought and prayed about how to do this naturally, in my every day life, these are the points the Lord has brought to my heart. And I want to share them with you.

Over the next six weeks, I will cover:

1-Pop the Christian Bubble

2-Pray, Walk with Jesus, and Listen to the Holy Spirit

3- See People as People and Not as Projects

4-Be a Listener, Learner, and Friend

5- Be an Initiator

6- How to Share Your Story + Further Resources to Help You

Be sure to join me next Tuesday for the first post!

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