June Favorite Things

Once a month, I love to share my favorite things in order to connect with readers and promote the things I love. I hope you enjoy and please comment and let me know what some of your favorite things are right now.

Everyday Adventures

My family is currently in Gatlinburg, TN, staffing a summer mission project for six weeks (see Smoky Mountain Summer Mission below). This bear is our mascot. He comes around our hotel at least three times a week (mostly because some not-so-smart guests were feeding him donuts grr....)

My kids love to watch him from a distance, moseying around the pool and mischievously trying to yank the dumpster open. My 20 month old likes to scold him," No bear! No twash!" It takes one trash thief to know one.

Listening To

There is a reason why Dear Evan Hansen recently won the Tony Award for Best Musical and why it's resonating with so many people across generations. The music is beautiful, powerful, and fantastic. There is not one song I do not like on this recording. I am slightly obsessed.

The story is even more powerful, tapping into an epidemic we all experience: loneliness and the desperate need for human connection.

The musical is about 17-year old Evan Hansen, who suffers from social anxiety that is exacerbated by social media. His therapist assigns him to write a letter to himself every day. A class bully, Connor, hits Evan and steals his letter, mocking him. After Connor later commits suicide, his mother finds the note and thinks it is Connor's suicide note. She believes he was friends with the basically friendless Evan. When Evan sees her desperation to find a connection to her distant son, he tells a lie that later spirals out of control.

As Evan attempts to make things right, he taps into his own need for human connection and inspires others to believe they are worth being noticed.

Dear Evan Hansen is a story of loneliness, hope, redemption, and humanity and it reminds us that no one is ever really alone.

Take a few minutes to watch Ben Platt's emotional Tony performance of "Waving Through a Window." Ben deservedly won the Tony for best actor for this show.

You can download the cast recording on Itunes.


I feel like I'm cheating a little because this is the ministry I work for, but I love what I do! My husband and I are both on staff with the college ministry of Cru, a caring community passionate about connecting people to Jesus.

Every summer, we leave our home for about six weeks and staff a summer mission. This summer we are in Gatlinburg, TN with the Smoky Mountain Summer Mission with about 50 other staff and college students. Our mission is to love, care for, and share Jesus with the many internationals who come to Gatlinburg to work for the Summer.

As staff, we also disciple our students and lead them in Bible study and other opportunities to grow. The students have jobs in the community, which is also part of their ministry.

Tasty Treat

Maddog's Creamery and Donuts in Gatlinburg is amazing. Yummy ice cream. The best donuts. Their Coconut Cream Pie donut is to die for!

Others' Creations

Washi Tape Stars from Simply Designing

Lace Decoupaged Garden Containers from the DIY Mommy

DIY French Farmhouse Tray from the Graphics Fairy

Internet Reads

"Spoken Blessings" by Linda Mackillop on The Mudroom

"The Books That Help Us Story Well by Diana Gruver on the Mudroom

"The Lost Life of Listening by Paul J. Pastor on Christian Week

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