• April Knapp

What I Learned This Winter

Today I am joining Emily Freeman for her What I Learned link up. Emily challenges her readers to pay attention and be present by taking note of what we learn each season-silly and serious. So, here is what I learned this Winter.

1. Margaret Thatcher, former Prime Minister of the UK, was a chemist before she was a politician

I grew up in the UK in the 1980s, so I was pretty well-versed in Margaret Thatcher, but this I never knew: she was a chemist in the 1940s! I can't remember how I came across this info, but it was quickly followed by a rumor that she helped invent soft serve in the UK, of which I was skeptical. And, sure enough, a simple google search will tell you it is just a myth.

2. I am pretty sure I have synesthesia.

Synesthesia is neurological phenomenon found in 4.4 percent of people. Those with synesthesia automatically and involuntarily experience a secondary cognitive or sensory experience when a totally unrelated cognition or sensor is stimulated.

For example, some with synesthesia see numbers as colors. One will always be green and 10 will always be pink and so on. It is super hard to define and explain.

I heard about the number/color combo before, which I do not experience, so I never gave it much thought. Then, I read more about it an learned there is a form of synesthesia where one makes a mental map of numbers (usually in a ribbon or circle) that involuntarily appears when that person thinks about numbers. I TOTALLY DO THIS. I always have and didn't think it was weird.

The numbers on my number map are always in the same place and if you call out a number, I will automatically know where it is in on the ribbon. I also do this with months of the year and days of the week, which are in a circle map. Years are on a ribbon map too-and here is where it gets crazier: I see months as certain colors and decades as certain colors. The 80s are a dark blue. The 90s are orange. The 1890s are pink.

And I didn't think this was at all abnormal.

3. How to have some chill on Facebook.

I don't have much chill in life in general. Sometimes I am good at faking chill on the outside, but then my insides are about to explode with zero chill. But, I am learning to scale it back, especially on Facebook. With all the controversy and division in the US right now, I've decided that Facebook isn't the place to lose my chill over politics. So, I've decided to only post that which is life-giving, amusing, lovely, and/or encouraging.

4. There is a lizard that walks on water!

My five year-old loves animals, so I am constantly googling random facts about animals. She received a book about reptiles and was asking me all kinds of questions about the basilisk lizard.

Ya'll. This lizard exists and it WALKS ON WATER. It's also called the Jesus Christ lizard, which is amusing and a little blasphemous (?) all at once. But, it reminds me that our God is incredibly creative and has a great sense of humor.

5. I get more done when my time is more limited.

I've realized recently that if I am given two hours to do something verses one hour, I actually get more done in the one hour time frame than in the two hour time frame. Apparently, when given more time, I goof around more and waste time. But, when my time is more limited, I sense the urgency and get more accomplished.

6. The Stages of Adulthood

I am currently attending a conference where I am learning about the stages of adulthood and how God develops His children in each stage. I have so much to reflect on, but I am learning I have recently transitioned to middle adulthood. I am learning (or trying to learn) how to say no to the "need tos" and spend my time and energy serving God in the places where he has really gifted me.


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